Who we are

Mera Dil was officially founded in February 2015 but Lara, the founder, started working in the area -particularly in Lucknow- in 2014, in a family home, where about 50 children live and where, with the help of some friends, she is able to give them food, shoes, clothes and was able to re-new the building with new toilets, and now she is able most of all in giving them hope for a better future.

Mera Dil is a voluntary association, whose board of directors is formed by three friends: Lara, Sara e Moira, has few members but so many friends, so many supporters that with the love, the joy, the desire to stay together through the organization of events, parties, birthdays, shows and dinners, donated their time and money to our little Indian brothers.

Red Balloon

RED BALOON born from the desire of a young group of Indians to plant seeds for a better fundamentals, such as

 1) education and the teaching of a craft and an art

 2) give equal chances of survival

MERA DIL onlus & Red Balloon



Mera Dil Onlus & Red Balloon


Associazione Mera Dil Onlus

Sede legale:

Via 8 Settembre 49, Abbadia

53045 • Montepulciano Siena • (Italy)

Cod Fiscale 90013960936

email: info@meradilonlus.com


n.ro Registro del Volontariato 1259/2016

Presidente: LARA (Italia)

 +39 334 56.05.472

 LARA (India)

 +91 707 35.24.630

Vice Presidente:  SARA

 +39 340 40.02.836

Segretario: MOIRA

 +39 328 35.73.272